Scrap Matters

This is about my first concrete initiative at school. I could call it the “Great scrap removal” or the “Raddi Nikalo Abhiyan”. The issue came to my notice during my second day at school when I was moving around the school and happened to visit the clerk office. I saw huge piles of old newspapers lying very close to her working area and asked her why these haven’t been sold yet.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-22 at 10.41.22 PM (1)
Sack of scraps

She told me she had already requested for its removal a couple of times but everyone has so much to do that it gets lost in the priorities. I talked to HM Sir that how important it is for us to remove all that scrap from her office to avail an organized and motivating work space for her, as she is taking care of crucial tasks and working day in and day out in that space. Sir did acknowledge that this has been pending for 3-4 years as it is a full day task and needs dedicated time to monitor the clearance and sale of the scrap. But he took it in the best of purpose and called the scrap collector within a couple of days. What started with piles of newspapers from the clerk’s office went on to clear the old exam answer sheets(and much more) from across 4 different rooms of the school which seemed like a never-ending process. Tons of scrap was thrown out from the rooms and it took the laborers a whole day to finish the process of piling, packing, weighing and selling the scrap.

I and my HM along with a few non- teaching staff were present in the school till 7 pm to finish the entire process. But everything seemed to be worth it because we got a lot of free space which can be used for better purposes now, one of them which would be a Maths resource room. Of course, our clerk (Tabassum didi) felt happier and her trust in me and my purpose of being there as an ASL increased.

The start of long-lasting relationship

The reflection from this one day process was that school transformation is not necessarily contributed by innovative or revolutionary ideas but even the most basic steps that your school needs the most. And that is when I realized, as much as Star ideas matter, scrap matters!


-Written by Ms. Aprajita Mishra, ASL, Ahmedabad.

Mantra4Change and Teach For India have partnered to empower schools in 4 cities across India through the Assistant School Leader / Cluster Transformation Lead Program. Mantra4Change is the knowledge and implementation partner in this program and works to support the changeleaders.


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