Tech Mahindra Foundation Supports Mantra4Change

We are elated to announce that Tech Mahindra Foundation will be the official CSR (corporate social responsibility) partner for Mantra4Change’s Cluster Transformation Project in Chandapura’s government schools.

The partnership is under Tech Mahindra Foundation’s ARISE programme (All Round Improvement in School Education), which focuses on enabling children from the underprivileged and marginalised socio-economic strata to get a quality education. This dovetails with Mantra4Change’s objective of improving the quality of education for underprivileged children.

Mantra4Change’s cluster transformation project in Chandapura will cover 10 government schools. Mantra4Change has been slowly but surely working a transformation in the 14 schools of the Dommasandra cluster, where the cluster transformation project was launched last year. Mantra4Change believes the best way to improve the quality of education in government schools is to get the whole community and its leadership involved. The cluster transformation project aims to build strong self-reliant system leaders and create self-sufficient systems capable of improving the education system.


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