A Principal Leads From the Front

Ms Divya, or Divya ma’am as she is popularly known, is one of those rare people – a school leader who leads from the front. The Principal of Sujana Convent leads by example as she pushes herself every single day to improve and attain excellence.

She is a leader with foresight who plans ahead for the whole school. Ms Divya is highly invested in the constant development of her teachers’ skills and actively seeks Mantra4Change’s help to conduct regular Maths and English training sessions for them. She doesn’t stop at fixing training sessions for her teachers. Embodying the spirit of constant learning and self-improvement, she takes time out from her busy schedule and participates in these sessions. She wants to understand how these training sessions work so that these could be implemented in the future.

Ms Divya (extreme left) sits in with the teachers of Sujana School for a Maths training session by Mantra4Change’s Aileen Chen.

Her keen understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of her school were on full display when she did the school assessment as part of Mantra4Change’s intervention to improve Sujana Convent. The process involves the School Leader marking her school across six domains to assess how she thought the intervention had helped her school. Ms Divya’s assessment of the progress and lacunae in her school were exceedingly clear-sighted and unbiased, and matched our objective assessments. With the insights gained from an objective assessment, Ms Divya came up with a work plan for the next academic year. She has taken charge of the process of change in Sujana Convent and the activities in the school are progressing with her active help.

Ms Divya is also a constant inspiration to her students. She encourages them to learn through questioning and nurtures their curiosity. She grabs every opportunity that would give her students a wide exposure and varied learning experiences, as she strives to make them well-rounded individuals.

When a leader shows such initiative and drive, can the teachers be unaffected by it? Thanks to Ms Divya’s inspiring leadership, Sujana Convent has one of the most motivated teaching staff we have had the privilege to work with. Kudos to Ms Divya for being a visionary, clear-sighted leader. May her tribe increase.

By Ankita Ghosh, School Transformation Lead at Mantra4Change


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