Meghshala: App for Vibrant Classrooms

Picture a classroom where a teacher stands at the front of the class, explaining concepts in a monotonous voice, while students sit quietly at their desks, eyes glazed over, struggling to pay attention, knowing that what really matters is the answers they will have to copy later and memorise for the exams. Now picture another classroom where the teacher walks around asking questions and forces students to think, where students take part in engaging discussions and debates as they get involved in the process of understanding and analysing concepts, where the idea of learning something new excites and engages them.

The former describes the situation that is common in far too many classrooms even today. The latter describes the scenario that we, at Meghshala, aim towards creating in every classroom. To bridge the gap between the two situations, we equip teachers with resources that will help them create engaging and interactive learning experiences for their students. These resources are customized to specific syllabi, making them easy to access and apply. Our product team uses the same textbooks that teachers need to use and converts each chapter into a series of engaging lessons called TeachKits. Each TeachKit is constructed to provide multiple opportunities for students to think and arrive at deeper understanding of the concepts. The TeachKits are further enhanced visually with images and videos, such that they can directly be projected in the classroom and serve as an in-class teaching tool. All these TeachKits, which are exemplary multimedia lessons designed by educational experts, can be accessed for free directly from our Meghshala app.

Here is a link to the Meghshala app.

Imagine learning about the digestive system from the perspective of the morsel of food as it passes through different organs, or solving a mock crime-scene investigation to understand the importance of sources in history, or observing patterns in maths to arrive at various rules instead of just memorising them, or estimating the size of the earth by observing the size of smaller units, or discussing the ethics surrounding wars when studying historical shifts in dynasties – these are just a few examples how we make our lessons interesting.

To know more about the App, click here: App Details

Fun, curiosity, wonder, critical thinking, reflection – these are just some of the responses our lessons try to evoke in students!

By Ruchi, Content Design Lead at Meghshala

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