Think Pair Share

Think-Pair-Share (majorly targets Auditory Learners)

What is it?

Thinkpairshare is a collaborative learning strategy where students work together to solve a problem or answer a question about a topic or a reading.


Why should we do this in class?

  • It helps students to think individually about a topic or answer to a question.
  • It teaches students to listen to and share ideas with classmates and builds oral communication skills.
  • It helps focus attention and engage students in comprehending the reading material.

When can we do it in class?

Think Pair Share can be applied at any given moment in the classroom.

For example

  • when approaching a solution
  • solving a math problem
  • before a science experiment
  • after reading a passage or chapter of a book.

Think Pair Share is applicable across all grade levels and class sizes

tps 2.jpg

How do we do it?

You may ask students to take a moment to think about a particular question or issue and then turn to their neighbor and share their thoughts.

Sharing can also be done in small groups.

Sometimes you will want to have pairs or groups summarize their ideas for the whole class.

T : (Think) You can begin by asking a specific question about the text. Students “think” about what they know or have learned about the topic.

P : (Pair) Each student should be paired with another student or a small group.

S : (Share) Students share their thinking with their partner. You can expand the “share” into a whole-class discussion.

Teachers can modify this strategy and include various writing components within the Think-Pair-Share strategy. This provides teachers with the opportunity to see whether there are problems in comprehension. Teachers can create a Read-Write-Pair-Share strategy in which students:

R : Read the assigned material;
W : Write down their thoughts about the topic prior to the discussions;
P : Pair up with a partner
S : Share their ideas with a partner and/or the whole class.

tps 3

The video below demonstrates Think Pair Share routine being used in a classroom. (3:00 minute onward)

There are many more thinking routines which can be used across subject matters.

You can find them on:


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