Creating experiences:Maker Faire 2017

Makerspaces are like a dream come true for people who love to tinker around with tools and let their imaginations soar, feeling like there is no end to the possibilities science can provide.

The Maker Faire that was held in Bangalore Palace, on the 17th of November, 2017 was a heaven for makers from all across the country to showcase their creativity and also share knowledge with each other.

The welcome address at the Maker’s Faire

Fortunate enough for MANTRA, around 500 kids from a few of our schools had the opportunity to experience this scientific marvel… thanks to Innovation and Science Promotion Foundation (ISPF).

Stalls at Maker Faire

The teachers and the students were extremely excited about the opportunity. The fact that the students were taking down notes, in order to go back and do their own research on it, was very heartening to see.

Children exploring

The students saw a variety of applications of science concepts. The different exhibits such as the model of the Mars rover set to be sent to Mars in December, the 3-D printer which was printing a prosthetic arm, and the virtual reality devices have definitely ignited the minds of these children and has been an experience of a lifetime to show them the infinite possibilities of science.P_20171117_154640_1_p (1)This fair definitely did a great job at sowing the seeds of inspiration in the hearts of these children. It gets extremely hard to make new age technology reach students in under-resourced schools and such events are the perfect avenues for such exposure and can be the beginning of a lifelong source of motivation.

Keeping curiosity alive is what the best kind of education is successful in doing. I think the Maker Faire was successful in doing exactly that.

-Written by Ms. Anjali Nambiar, School Transformation Lead, Mantra4Change








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