Vocabulary Building


Obtaining a wide-range of vocabulary is one of the biggest obstacle in learning a second language. It’s an unspoken task of the teacher to improve the vocabulary of the child, with the help of the prescribed textbook.

The learning of vocabulary would be more interesting through word games, so that child can learn and play.

The following are some of the word games:

  1. Start from the End
  2. Do I know?
  3. “A” Game
  4. Boggle

Start from the end

The game aims at building vocabulary of students around those objects that the students use /see everyday in their life

Things to Remember:

The teacher can start the game by following any of the following ways (you can add your own ways):

  1. From one end of the class to the other end of the class (i.e., to each student)


         Dividing the entire class into groups.

    2.Focus on a particular subject for each day for higher classes and without specific               topic for classes 4, 5, and 6.

Example: Flower, fruits, countries, animals (depending upon the syllabus and need of the learners)

How to start?

Image result for teaching cartoon pictures

(Src: https://teachtolearn2202.files.wordpress.com)

Rule: Each student should speak at least one word and the words should not be repeated.

Step 1:    The teacher or the students can start by saying a word.

Step- 2   The next student should say the next word starting with the ending letter of first word. The game continue till the each student had one turn in the class.


Student 1: Rose

Student 2: Elephant

Student 3: Taxi

Student 4: ……..

Do I know ?

(SRC: https://www.wikihow.com)

Step 1: Ask the child to list 5 objects that they see while coming to school.(Teacher can  change the topics accordingly). Make two columns with headings- “In my  language” and “English” (Teachers can give rewards to children, if they find more words.)

Step-2: Tell them to write the names of listed objects in their mother tongue.

Step-3: Again, ask them whether they know the word for the object in the targeted language (here it will be English).

Step-4: If they are unable to find, help the child to find the words by their own means or by dictionary.


The game helps students improve vocabulary and their spelling. The teacher can use different letters each day.(if using “B”, then it will “B” Game)

Image result for word games clipart

(Src: http://clipart-library.com/clipart/1518477.htm)

Rule: The child who is saying words starting with letter “A” (or the alphabet that the teacher chooses) will be out of the game.

Step 1: Teacher or the student can start the game  by saying any word.

Step 2: The next student need to say a word related to the word said by the previous student and it should not start with the letter “A” and the next student needs to continue to say a word and so on.


Student 1: tree

Student 2: leaves

Student 3: fruits

Step 3: If the student says a word starting by letter “A”, then the child will be out of the game.

Example:  If the student says apple (related to the word fruit) then the student will be out

Step 4:  The teacher can ask the children to start with another new word and continue the game.

The teacher can increase the rigor of the game by using 2 letters that cannot be used ie; Students cannot use words starting with the letter “A” and “S”


Encourage the students to make words from the given number of consonants and vowels or make maximum number of words from the given set of words.


Step 1: Give the student set of 5 random consonants and 2 vowels.


Give a set of words as given below


H,R ,L,S,T and A, I



Step 2: Ask the students to make as many words as  they can by choosing letters from the given set.

Step 3: Students are asked to share all the words that they have made with the whole class.


Some of the words that can be formed out of given set: (H,R ,L,S,T, A, I)


You can find easy printable boggle formats here:




These activities need to be played regularly in class for students to get the hang of the game. The teachers can introduce new words in between the game.  These games are fun to play and easy to execute.

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