STEP in North Karnataka

Taking STEP to Gadag in partnership with Deshpande Foundation

The new academic year of 2017-18 brought us a new partner – the Deshpande Foundation. Through its Sandbox Action partnerships, Deshpande Foundation (DF) promotes not-for-profits and entrepreneurs to create effective and scalable models of development.

Explaining the STEP intervention

Mantra4Change, in partnership with the DF, has started working in the Shirahatti Taluk of Gadag district in North Karnataka. We have partnered with eight Government run schools – both lower primary and higher primary schools, affecting 1000+ students and approx. 40 teachers. As we spent the month of June meeting and interacting with these students, school teachers, HMs, Cluster Resource Persons (CRP) and the Block Education Officer (BEO), we were amazed by their hospitality and openness. DF has been a terrific support and a brilliant partner to work with.

Discussion about the Need Assessment with school staff

We realize that understanding of context plays a crucial role in defining the success of any intervention; and hence, we are spending a great deal of our time knowing the ‘person’ behind these positions. As we engage in the need assessment phase, trying to get baseline data on students’ current learning levels, we are also familiarizing ourselves with the constraints and the enablers in the space.

Need Assessment in progress

We are excited to take our learning from working with schools in Bangalore to the schools in rural district of Gadag. As we gear up to begin the journey of change across our partner schools in Gadag, we look forward to sharing more stories from the field. Stay tuned!

-Written by Ms. Khushboo Awasthi, Co-founder, Mantra4Change


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