The Lab of Hopes!

Hustle and bustle of celebrations, teachers rushing in and out inspecting arrangements and students involved in making beautiful Rangolis, putting up wonderful charts and decorating entrances with flower malas, this was the view at Swami Vivekananda Rural Education Society (SVRES) on 21st June, 2017. The reason, inauguration of Science Lab. The excitement for this major event was quite apparent in the school. The Principal of the School, Mr. Ansal Scaria seemed really hopeful with the lab.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-21 at 10.15.52 AM
Children busy decorating for the event.

While things were getting ready, we were anxiously waiting for our chief guests Ms. Shoma Bakre and Ms. Meena Gupta who were to inaugurate the lab. Ms. Shoma Bakre is the founder of Let’s Do Some Good Foundation which also provided funding for the lab and Ms. Meena Gupta, Program Strategy and Communications Lead, BEET Force.

It was a great pleasure for the school team to welcome them and to mark this great day, they did something that made us all proud. Unlike, the common practice of clicking pictures and framing it, here the school team planted a Gulmohar tree with our chief guests to remember this day. It was a commendable move.

Tree plantation to mark this day.

After the tree planting,  it was time to finally inaugurate the lab for which we all were waiting so eagerly.  The students and teachers were lined up to welcome our guests. They were beaming with excitement and hope of the wonderful things the children will be able to achieve now because of the labs. So, the ribbon was cut, the lamp was lit and we were inside the beautiful science lab where apart from the instruments, the charts made by students added to the beauty.

Ms. Shoma Bakre, officially inaugurating the Science lab.

It was a great delight to see the teachers and students being equally involved in explaining the purpose of the instruments to our chief guests. It happened in a great symphony where the teachers, the principal, students and support staff engaged themselves in the whole process.

Teacher explaining the use of instruments to Ms. Meena Gupta

It showed the sense of ownership that each one of them had towards the lab. This is rarely seen where a school team functions in full coordination and works as a team.

Oh! the wonders of Science

Both of our chief guests were really happy to see the potential of the school and the commitment of the staff to provide education to the children. It was definitely very motivating for the school team. SVRES has proved that the purity of intention and the enthusiasm to work towards a cause is what drives change and with like minded people like Ms. Shoma Bakre and Ms. Meena Gupta, the journey becomes even more beautiful.

The team that made this day possible. Proud to be a part of it!

Now the children of SVRES won’t be limited by the pages of their maths and science books, their knowledge will be assisted by an equipped lab where they can test their theories and learn more than their textbooks. We wish SVRES a very good luck and may the school keep growing as a quality education provider, just like the Gulmohar Tree.


-Written by Ms. Poonam Shukla, School Transformation Lead, Mantra4Change





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