The magical door to possibilities

Does the title seem too fantastic? We assure you that we do not imagine ourselves living in the land of unicorns or angels or even social democracy. For context, please read the story on Goripalya. Now if you have read that, you would see the amount of change that the school went through considering its circumstances.

The grit that these people show every day keeps inspiring us to give the school and its children our best. Out of many such attempts, in this blog, we would be sharing the story which particularly made us very proud. This is about the creation of a library at Goripalya. We all know the relevance of books in our lives but our children here had no clue about it. They did not know that a world existed beyond the streets of Goripalya. Now all of us as children did not exactly trot the globe but we had access to a library.  For a person like me, who spent most of her childhood with my nose in a book, waiting for my Hogwarts letter or the day I get to be as brave as the Rani of Jhansi, this was devastating. So, we thought of doing something about it.

As we tried to seek out ways, we came across Noel Benno and Cindy Matthew from StoryTime. Around July, StoryTime visited the school and brought with them Pooja Rai and Nancy from  Anthill Creations. As a result, the idea to create a phenomenal learning space came into the picture. While we were busy with our work at Mantra4change, little did we realize that Cindy was conducting drives to acquire close to a thousand books across Bangalore! Isn’t that amazing?

The book collection drive went really well but what good has ever come without a bit of struggle! This time transportation played the devil. The books were to be transported from Whitefield to Goripalya (near Mysore Road) and it had to be done by Cindy alone. And if you know Bangalore, you know it is a task. It took some extra effort. Soon Uber, after Uber squeezed through the lanes of Goripalya and boxes full of books started unloading. Strangers came for assistance as they saw the puny people on the ground struggling to lift the load. Kids started swarming around the alien boxes that filled up the otherwise empty space which had just plastic tables and chairs stacked up against the wall. They started bombarding us with questions about the library as they saw us cataloging the books. Soon the room was filled with a sense of curiosity.

Then came Anthill as January ended and February rolled in. Before we knew it, there was a bustle of activities. Tyres came rolling (You might be wondering why tyres. Patience, little one!). Paint cans replaced the emptiness of the space and in came the team armed with electric drills and paint brushes.

Scroll down and the result is there for all to see.

Beautiful! Isn’t it?

Now, our children have a place where they can immerse themselves in their world of imagination and wonder.  Here, our children connect not only with dragons and glass slippers but also learn to tell time and build things.

Oh! The places you’ll go!

This is what happens when a group of like-minded people comes together to do something. They end up creating magic and for us personally, it was a great experience working with Storytime and Anthill!

Now, the children in Goripalya are no longer limited by their alleys, instead, they are busy exploring the world through the magical door to the possibilities!

-Written by Ms. Amrutha Krishnan, School Transformation lead,  Mantra4Change.  



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