What is Blending?

Blending is the process of saying the individual sounds in a word then joining them together to make the word. For example, the learner blends the sounds /m/, /o/, /m/ to form the word mom.


This process plays an important role while the learner is learning to read. 

How do we start about?

We always start with simple C-V-C words i.e. Consonant- Vowel- Consonant words.
To begin with, let us take up simpler C-V-C words i.e. Consonant –Vowel-Consonant sounds.

Here’s a link to a musical video that can be used in order to introduce C-V-C words to the students.


Strategies that can be used

  • Follow the Teacher:  This activity is done very simply and the teacher has to keep in mind that the utterances must be very loud and clear. 
  • Showing them the words: Teacher points out the symbols on a placard, while learners utter the sounds and say the entire word. A set of placards is mentioned below. For instance, the teacher chooses the first word- bug. He/she will point out the symbol ‘b’ the students will utter /b/ followed by u-/u/ and g- /g/. 
image00 (2)
Image Source:

Home-made games:


  • This site has a lot of ready-made placards that can be used by teachers and parents in order to practice blending.

How do we practice using these placards?

  • Point out the first box and ask the learner if they can identify the object. They will respond, “fan”.
  • Now ask them if they can utter the sounds of the letters. Point your index finger on ‘f’ and see if they can utter the appropriate /f/ sound. Similarly, /a/ for a and /n/ for n.
  • Now instruct them to utter the sounds one after the other- /f/ /a/ /n/- fan.
  • Continue the practice with the remaining words on the placard-dad, cat, bat.
image01 (2)
Image Courtesy:
  • Here’s another website which explains simple reading methods for young learners. One relevant example for blending is mentioned as follows.
  • This shows the direction in which they have to recognize and utter the sounds.
Image Courtesy:


A phonics song that helps children practice using the sounds they have learned and blend to make words. The song covers the full alphabet for initial sounds and comes with lots of CVC words.

This video is specifically for the teachers who can use this method of teaching emphasizing using vowel sounds to make three letter words. 

This is a video demonstration specifically for parents or for teachers who are dealing with learners individually. It is a recorded video of a mother making her son practice blending sounds.



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