Counting is one of the basic skills that we learn in order to move ahead with our journey with math. Some of us might think that it is a rote activity but if we look at it closely, this becomes an activity that helps us associate numbers with objects. A child is able to estimate a quantity using these numbers hence connecting numbers to each object and establishing a relation.

A child can learn to count with the help of any object that the child can hold and move. It becomes a very vital part in helping the child to establish connect with the visual understanding of quantity.

Some of the regular items that can be used are:

Grams, clothes, food items, toys, ice cream sticks, counters.


These are objects that are specific for counting. Since these are very colorful and the child can draw differences between each piece the child will be able to count DSC_0921it easily.


It is a good practice to sit with the child while doing it and also continuing this various objects in our daily life. For eg: Please give me 3 mangoes.

This is an easy video that shows how we can use counters with children 


Ganithmala is a very effective tool to teach various concepts of number sense to children.

The kids start counting from one end and continue counting until the end. It has 100 beads in it grouped in tens by different colored beads. This helps the kids build a visual understanding of numbers. Since all the beads are connected to a string, forward and backward counting of numbers becomes easy for a child.


Teaching tip: Focus on children doing both forward and backward counting and try to bring it in regular practice with a set of different objects, so that they can apply it to various objects/situations is daily life.



Resources to be used:

Videos and online activities:







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