Oral Health Awareness Camp by MANTRA

PreCIOUS Workshop @Shantinagar, Bangalore

This independence day, MANTRA joined hands with the residents of slums in the Shantinagar area in Bangalore and sojourned into the mystic world of Oral Health and Hygiene.
While the beautiful tricolor was dancing with the cool Bangalore breeze, hundreds of elderly, young and kids gathered around to listen to Dr.KG Nagesh – a practising dentist in Bangalore (and a renowned Kannada actor by hobby), as he explained about the healthy oral practices.
Before the interesting session had begun, people were asked to fill a survey questionnaire, meant to capture their existing level of awareness on the subject. The questionnaire had simple questions, like-
  •     How many times in a day do you brush?
  •     How long do you brush?
  •    When do you change your tooth brush?
The results, when analyzed presented a sad picture. To share some of the findings in the blog,
  1. Over 80% of respondents did not brush twice a day.
  2.  Approx. 50% did not know how long should they brush. They felt brushing for 10 seconds was sufficient to clean the teeth,
  3.  More than 40% felt smoking or chewing tobacco was alright for their oral health.
There were many such astonishing results that came out of that small survey. No wonder, public listened in absolute awe, when Dr. Nagesh explained the same facts to them and demonstrated the right way of brushing teeth. He told, how serious and painful teeth & gum problems can be prevented by simply following healthy practices.
Also, a preliminary Dental Checkup was done for 30 among the audience that included people from all age-groups. When the session ended, we could only find smiling faces basking in the knowledge, they had just gained.
Over such smiling note, MANTRA completed the workshop on Oral Health & Hygiene under the umbrella of its program, PreCIOUS.



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