About Mantra


 MANTRA is the Maverick Association for Novelty, Transformation and Radical Augmentation.


MANTRA is a ‘distinguished’ dream-
of a perseverant and passionate team;
               who’ve pledged to drive the winds of change
               thru’ the dilapidated walls of existing system-
               Well beyond any defined range.
“Education maketh a man”, they say.
For the wealth of health, they constantly pray..!
Yet, none seem to actually care-
               How the standard of education & health
               has slipped down the stair..!
MANTRA aims to challenge this chore.
Apparently, ‘Prevention is better than cure’.
               To nurture creativity is our Goal.
               We envision encouraging Novelty as a way of life-
               And bring Innovation to the fore.
Problems are multifarious, we reckon,
Also, that they stand in deep unison.
We know,
An egalitarian society has so far been an absolute illusion..!
But, MANTRA believes in pragmatic actions.
               The time has come-
            Let’s talk about Solutions.

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